Create, load, modify your word files efficiently

A word library by which you can create, load, and manipulate your word documents in your .NET applications with just a few lines of code, it is highly reliable and super fast.

Ultimate Word's Key Features

Document Features

  • Word document creation.
  • Load an existing Word document for modification and changes.
  • Load document from the file system or stream on-the-fly
  • Write the Word document to a local file, stream, or open it in the client browser with ease
  • Create, get, and modify paragraphs and text
  • Create, get, and modify tables, rows, and cells
  • Create, get, and modify hyperlinks
  • Create, get, and modify bookmarks
  • Get, create, and modify document headers, footer, and sections
  • Find and replace text
  • Find a specific word or phrase from the document
  • Find text using a regular expression from the document
  • Replace text with another text or other content sources, including the document's contents with no effort.
  • Keep text formatting while replacing the content.
  • Access document contents with no effort.
  • Copy and move document elements between other documents
  • Merge multiple Word documents on-the-fly
  • Create, get, and modify Table of Contents (TOC) with ease and grace.
  • Rebuild and update TOC
  • Create, get, and modify footnotes and endnotes very easily
  • Structured Document Tags (Content Controls) are preserved very easily
  • Accept, reject or delete a particular revision or all the revisions very easily
  • Create, load, and modify OLE objects from the document with no effort
  • Insert custom HTML text
  • Insert watermarks in your documents
  • Create, get, and edit fields
  • Update IF, Formula and other fields
  • Create, get, and edit form fields

Document Settings and Properties

  • Get and edit built-in document properties
  • Get and edit custom document properties
  • Encrypt documents for security
  • Control the type of changes by setting document protection mode enabled
  • Open password-protected documents for security
  • Create, get, and edit comments

Mail merge

  • Create, get, and edit merge fields
  • Get mail merge field names
  • Insert images during the mail merge process
  • Apply formats during the mail merge process using the event-based approach
  • fully Supported for complex merge fields and with other Word tools, you have to handle all the formatting in the code manually.
  • Supports performing mail merge on a specified region
  • Supports for reports that contain relational details (parent-child data)
  • Supports for multiple .NET data sources such as string array, DataTable, DataView, DataReader, DataSet
  • Supports for any data source such as business objects and dynamic objects

Document Formatting

  • Provides Character formatting: font size, font color, font name, bold, italic, underline, etc.
  • Provides Paragraph formatting: line spacing, alignment, indentation, spacing before and after, keep follow, etc.
  • Provides Bulleted and numbered lists formatting: numbering and levels
  • Offers table formatting: alignment, borders, and shading
  • Offers get and modify section properties such as margins, paper size, and orientation
  • Offers get, create, and modify paragraph styles
  • Offers apply predefined table styles


  • Load, create, and manipulate bookmarks very easily.
  • Supports for bookmark navigation in your document
  • Retrieve document contents in a bookmark range and merge to a new or an existing document very easily.
  • Add text or document contents between the specified bookmarks with less effort.
  • Replace contents of a document in the bookmark range with text or contents from another document
  • Delete contents of the Word document between the specified bookmark range very easily

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