SSH & Telnet Shell, Terminal Control for .NET

Add SSH connectivity to your .NET application with adding SSH terminal Emulation control without any effort in your Xamarin IOS, Xamarin Android,.NET CF App and WinForms; it also provides Telnet shell and Telnet Terminal Control to communicate with a remote device.

Connect client to the SSH server

Atp Terminal Emulation's Key Features

  • Remotely execute commands by connecting to SSH servers
  • Open a shell connection to an SSH server
  • Terminal control (Windows Forms)
  • Virtual Terminal class to interact with the server
  • Terminal control for Windows Forms
  • Saving screen into various formats
  • Supports HTTP Connect, SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy servers
  • Supports cable connections over RS-232 serial port
  • Easy integration with your application by using events and delegates
  • Full supports for box-drawing and block element characters in all fonts
  • Full supports for AES, Triple DES, and RC4 encryption algorithms
  • Support both protocols IPv4 and IPv6
  • Thoroughly tested with many SSH servers such as Bitvise, OpenSSH, GlobalScape, and Reusing SSH connection in multiple SSH/SFTP/SCP sessions.
  • Intuitive and Fully Documented API
  • Supports all Standard firewalls and SSH server as proxy
  • PowerShell and SQL-SSIS
  • Supports FIPS-compliant mode (only FIPS-approved modules are used)
  • Supports multiple concurrent operations
  • Supports SSH tunneling and port forwarding mechanism
  • Supports for scroll-back buffer
  • Supports VT100 & its successors, VT52, ANSI, xterm, Wise 60, SCO ANSI, Pick terminals and more
  • Full C# source code is available in the Premium license package
  • Support for many platforms like .NET Full Framework, Xamarin iOS, Mac, Android, Mono, .NET CF, and .NET Core, Standard (will be available soon)

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