Easy-to-use SFTP Server Component for .NET Apps

Atp allows the user to create their own SFTP & SCP server to provide secure remote file system access over SSH channel using the SFTP protocol with just a few lines of code; it is comprehensive API which is compatible with many SFTP, SCP and SSH clients including the Atp SFTP client library.

Atp SFTP Server's Key Features

  • Supports SSH, SFTP, and SCP to connect to SFTP/SSH servers
  • Supports for PKCS#8, PuTTY .ppk, OpenSSH/OpenSSL(SSLeay), and new OpenSSH keys very easily.
  • Easy to use API with well written documentation
  • Generate private keys and New OpenSSH keys and AsymmetricAlgorithm-based private keys
  • SFTP v3 and v4
  • Compatible with popular SFTP clients with no effort.
  • Many authentication methods supported like (Password, private key, certificate, and custom)
  • Supports many file system provider
  • File access control is also available.
  • User management is entirely under control.
  • Support for IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol without any effort.
  • Support multiple platforms like .NET Full Framework, Xamarin iOS, Mac, Android, Mono, .NET CF, and .NET Core, Standard (will be available soon)

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