Intuitive PDF Viewer for .NET WinForms apps

Now you can add PDF document visualization to your .NET WinForms application by the use of Atp PdfViewer control. This control lets the user view the PDF documents very easily and quickly; it also provides the feature of on-demand loading of your data to improve the performance of the application while loading larger PDF documents.

Atp PDF Viewer's Key Features

  • Display and edit PDF documents and forms
  • Supports latest PDF specification
  • Pan or Zoom mode support
  • Annotations also supported
  • No Adobe PDF Automation
  • Open the document from file or stream
  • Find Forward and Find Backward from the document
  • Navigation Toolbar
  • PDF Viewer's Context Menu for easy Navigation
  • Printing, Print Preview, and Page Setup
  • Native .NET WinForms Control
  • Support for .NET Full Framework v4.0 and above

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