Easily categorize bounced e-mail in your .NET Apps.

This library makes it easy to inspect and categorize bounced e-mail messages with your .NET application; it can check and scan EML and outlook Messages loaded from different sources like local files, memory stream, IMAP and pop3 mailboxes. By this library user can update e-mail address list and can create e-mail campaign reports very quickly, it is highly responsive and very reliable in terms of performance and security.

Ultimate Message Scanner

Atp Bounce Inspector's Key Features

  • Parse and categorize bounced e-mail messages from many sources such as files, IMAP Inbox, POP3 Inbox easily
  • Supports around thousands of e-mail bounce formats
  • Detects all types of bounced messages like Hard, Soft, Temporary, Blocked, Generic, etc.
  • Custom bounce signatures/definitions
  • On-the-fly hard bounced messages deletion
  • Provides Inspection result which can be used to update your e-mail lists, create reports, etc.
  • Provides High-performance MIME parser component
  • Update and tests Bounce Signature Database regularly
  • Supports EML file format
  • Supports Outlook MSG file format
  • Consists of all mail message features
  • Consists of all IMAP features
  • Consists of all POP3 features
  • Consists of all SMTP features
  • Support task-based and event-based asynchronous and blocking (synchronous) application designs on the fly.
  • Provides comprehensive error handling with .NET exceptions
  • Support multiple platforms like .NET Full Framework, Xamarin iOS, Mac, Android, Mono, .NET CF, and .NET Core, Standard (will be available soon)
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