With These Slots, Higher Winnings Await

One of the most popular game categories in the online casino are jackpot slots, because classic online slots can hardly compete with the winning possibilities of a jackpot. While a maximum win is set for an online slot, the jackpots are variable in size. If you are lucky, you can win huge sums of money with just one spin on the jackpot slot machine. That sounds like a dream, but it is feasible if you know about the different jackpot slots.

Local jackpot slots

The size of a local jackpot only grows with the stakes of the players in a certain online casino. This means that the slot is not linked to other Swiss casinos that also offer the same game as a jackpot slot. Basically, you have a good chance of winning because you “only” compete against the other players on the same platform.

Fixed jackpots

In principle, fixed jackpot slots are comparable to normal online slots. The maximum profit always remains the same because it does not depend on the stakes of the players. It is just an additional function of a slot that can enable big wins. To hit the jackpot, you have to achieve a certain game result and of course have some luck.

Slots with multiple jackpots

Some jackpot slots entice with several jackpots at once. The players in the online casino are then asked, for example, to spin a wheel of fortune in order to get one of the jackpots. As a rule, the prize money varies in the individual pots, with the best filled being the most difficult to crack. The Cash Connection Slots on Starvegas.ch are a good example of such slots with several jackpots, from mini to grand jackpot.

Global jackpot slots

Global jackpots, which are currently not allowed in Switzerland, are also known as network jackpots. All players who play for money in any online casino let a fraction of their stake wander into the jackpot – no matter which slot they use. This means that global jackpots slots are filled centrally by players from different casinos. The amount of winnings increases the more players are active.

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