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What’s wrong with these 3 roulette myths?

The clicking of the wheel, the fancy betting strategies and the many players eagerly following the ball or the point of light at the online casino. Roulette is a real experience. The only pitfalls are the roulette myths that get around and have anchored in people’s minds. Beginners and casual gamers in particular should not fall for false stories. We take a closer look at seven myths.

Myth 1: There is only one version of roulette

Most players are used to the standard version of roulette. You may also be surprised that there are other versions of the popular classic. These variations are based on the basic French / European and American roulette games. The main differences between American and French roulette are:

  • The game language of American Roulette is English.
  • The French roulette table is traditionally larger and requires four croupiers.
  • American roulette has another double zero.
  • The numbers in the boiler are arranged differently.
  • The house edge in French Roulette is significantly lower.
  • Series games are easier to place in American Roulette.
  • In French roulette, simple chances to zero are prevented, while in American roulette, 50 percent is paid out.

French roulette is also called “European roulette”. The only difference is the language of the game: European roulette uses English terms and French roulette uses French terms. Otherwise the same rules apply.

The most important and most obvious difference between the French / European and the American variant is the double zero. There is only one zero in European roulette while there are two in American roulette. The additional double zeros in American Roulette increase the total number of fields to 38 and thus the house advantage. An abundance of roulette games and variations await you in an online casino.

Myth 2: You win with the Martingale system

Gamblers have always looked for betting strategies that guarantee a win. The Martingale system is one of these “miracle strategies”. The principle is simple: Player A bets two units. If he loses his next bet is two units +1. If he loses this round, his next bet is four units +1. In essence, the method is that you should always place a bet that will cover your losses. The extra unit ensures that you make a profit.

This theory has a number of flaws. One of the main problems is that the system requires a huge bankroll (capital) to be able to place bets. Another problem is that the system doesn’t take into account what happens if you lose multiple rounds in a row. Martingale betting systems are a myth and easier said than done to put into practice.

Myth 3: If you want to win at roulette, you have to stick to one strategy

Many players believe that they only have a chance with a single bet. However, there is no evidence that you will only win if you limit yourself to one bet. The advantage of online roulette is that players have the option of placing a number of different bets more quickly or easily. This provides variety and makes the game more exciting.

These Casino Games Have The Best Payout Percentages

The return-to-player (abbreviated “RTP”) is one of the most important terms in connection with casino games . Every player who not only wants to have fun while playing, but also wants to win money, should therefore know what is behind it. The return-to-player is the payout ratio of a casino game or slot machine. It thus expresses how much of the money is that is paid back to the players. A simple example best illustrates the definition of the term: In a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, for every 100 francs wagered, 95 francs are paid out to the players as a profit. Of course, the RTP has to be below 100%, otherwise the online casino would make losses.

Basically, the higher the return-to-player, the better the chances of winning for the individual player. Nevertheless, the RTP cannot be converted one to one into the actual profit of a player. The RTP is a statistical key figure with a theoretical character. The payout ratio is ultimately calculated over a very long period of time. In practice, a player can experience more or less large deviations in the RTP in a single day or even in the course of a month. Even after thousands of rounds of online roulette or at an online slot, a player can consequently have a better or worse payout rate. Put simply, with an RTP of 95 percent, you can have a payout ratio of 50% one day, but 150% the next. In the long term, however, the practical payout ratio comes closer and closer to the theoretical RTP value. In this respect, the value is of particular interest to players who pursue their hobby over a longer period of time.

How is the RTP calculated?

Online casinos calculate the return-to-player in two ways. In games such as online roulette, the RTP is already specified by the game rules. In other games, such as online slots, the payout amount is determined by how often certain symbols appear on the reels. The casino can determine the respective return-to-player via the probability of all winning combinations. Online casinos thus have the option of changing the payout ratio by changing the settings. Incidentally, many casino operators publish the RTP percentages of their online slots transparently in the online slots menu.

Which games have the best RTP values?

The return-to-player values ​​of different games differ from one another. In online roulette, the eternal classic among casino games, the RTP values ​​in online casinos are usually between 94 and 98 percent. With European Roulette, the return-to-player is usually slightly higher than with the American variant. An interesting case in terms of return-to-player is blackjack, which is probably the most popular casino game alongside roulette. In blackjack, players can increase their chances of winning significantly through their experience and skills. With a well-engineered strategy, players can definitely increase their RTP to more than 99%.

With These Slots, Higher Winnings Await

One of the most popular game categories in the online casino are jackpot slots, because classic online slots can hardly compete with the winning possibilities of a jackpot. While a maximum win is set for an online slot, the jackpots are variable in size. If you are lucky, you can win huge sums of money with just one spin on the jackpot slot machine. That sounds like a dream, but it is feasible if you know about the different jackpot slots.

Local jackpot slots

The size of a local jackpot only grows with the stakes of the players in a certain online casino. This means that the slot is not linked to other Swiss casinos that also offer the same game as a jackpot slot. Basically, you have a good chance of winning because you “only” compete against the other players on the same platform.

Fixed jackpots

In principle, fixed jackpot slots are comparable to normal online slots. The maximum profit always remains the same because it does not depend on the stakes of the players. It is just an additional function of a slot that can enable big wins. To hit the jackpot, you have to achieve a certain game result and of course have some luck.

Slots with multiple jackpots

Some jackpot slots entice with several jackpots at once. The players in the online casino are then asked, for example, to spin a wheel of fortune in order to get one of the jackpots. As a rule, the prize money varies in the individual pots, with the best filled being the most difficult to crack. The Cash Connection Slots on are a good example of such slots with several jackpots, from mini to grand jackpot.

Global jackpot slots

Global jackpots, which are currently not allowed in Switzerland, are also known as network jackpots. All players who play for money in any online casino let a fraction of their stake wander into the jackpot – no matter which slot they use. This means that global jackpots slots are filled centrally by players from different casinos. The amount of winnings increases the more players are active.